Strategic Partners


Developer of digital platforms, founded in 1992, BITAM helps to streamline the operation and management of your business information. We have applications so you can access it anywhere, from any device.

BITAM seeks to provide organizations with the tools that help, along with the most advanced technology, to analyze and thereby make decisions in all strategic objectives.

BITAM tools have a system of adaptation to the customer and their needs, security system and are easy to use.



International company with extensive experience in Quality Assurance and Agile Software Testing;  its services includes process improvement and automation in Technology areas of a Company.

Smartale’s work methodology is based mainly in Lean Agile practices, the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Serious Games, which help enterprises to generate better results in the short term and sustainable in long term for their Business.



An key ingredient in Quality is Communication. ERGO UX is a team of Consultants with full experience in Communication and Digital Strategies…